Italdenim for Social

"Every day I am asked to join important and revolutionary projects, intense campaigns on Organic Cotton, especially BCI Cotton.
Marketing asks for it, business wants it, and income swallows our conscience...
Once in a while we should have a good look at real life!
In certain areas of the world, lives are lived in desperation and violence.

In Lumumbashi, in the Republic of Congo, the Aleimar Group supports and helps a school full of orphans. Some African cultures are based on religion and superstition and it is always the youngest and helpless who pay the consequences. These are children born in extreme poverty, abandoned because considered sorcerers, where little girls face rape and genital mutilation.
Fortunately, we are blessed with the presence of very special people, who devote their lives to helping others, that's where the Aleimar Group comes in with its Project Congo.
Italdenim stands by them. We finance their projects, we organize shipments of much needed medicines and everyday necessities.

These are special people, special problems and extraordinary experiences!

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