One of Italdenim's main objectives is the protection of our environment, together with a constant research for solutions, by means of true and courageous investments.
The words "ecologic and sustainable" have become an excuse, which hides a lack of respect towards our land, waters and air. That's why Italdenim has chosen to invest more than 2,5 million euros for a cogeneration plant, which has made us self sufficient in our need for clean energy, has allowed us to reuse thermic power, thus granting a substantial reduction of the CO2 emissions, improving our ecological imprint.
From the start of our environmentally conscientious approach up to today, our CO2 emissions have been 6.500.000 kg lower - the equivalent of 342.000 trees - enough to cover an area of more than 8.000.000 square meters.
We are not talking about marketing here, and our choice is uncertified and cannot be bought with a few thousand euros. It is a very complex process, involving important governmental agencies, such as:
G.S.E. Gestore Servizi Energetici
G.M.E. Gestore Mercati Energetici
Our history is made of real actions, chosen to help make the world a better place!"

Luigi Caccia, Ceo Italdenim

Ecology and environment

Despite a remarkable growth rate, the company has never failed to factor the environment into its strategic and operational decisions.

  • For years the Italdenim Environmental Engineering Division has taken utmost care to inspect and control the elimination of waste and emissions deriving from the various manufacturing processes. Naturally, it devotes particular attention to workplace safety and jointly with plant management makes an ongoing effort to find and use the most effective biocompatible chemicals.
  • The Environmental Engineering Division is also in charge of building the new purification plant for treating wastewater from the factory In terms of both design and construction, the ITALDENIM plant reflects the company’s vast experience in treating waste fluid through the use of advanced technologies and sophisticated control systems.

    Rounding out the picture is the conviction that a green enviromnent - and attractive landscaping - can help minimize the visual impact that is gpically associated with a purification plant such as this.