Italdenim was founded in 1974 in Arconate, a small village near Milano, thanks to the vision of Mario Caccia, a courageous entrepreneur, who decides, after a trip to the United States, to start producing Denim in Italy, this fabulous cloth that had him so fascinated from the start. The first years of activity are characterized by an absolute pioneering spirit; the knowledge is limited and “know how” is just an English word with a dubious meaning.

  1. At the beginning of the Eighties new dyeing lines and more modern looms make their appearance. The first Italdenim spinning facility is also born, and will be updated again in the Nineties with the introduction of Ring-End yarn machines. The intention is clear: verticalization, in order to deliver to the client a product which is totally ITALDENIM.
  2. The new Inveruno spinning facilities will be completely modernized at the end of the Nineties: 16.000 mq of spinning and warping space, considered a model all over Europe. In 2005, the Inveruno plant, which will replace the old Arconate factory, comes to life.; it is a 40.000 mq complex hosting all manufacturing phases: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Today, Italdenim produces Denim fabrics of excellent quality. The care for details is extremely accurate, customer’ satisfaction is the absolute priorig. These aspects contributed to the creation of Italdenim new slogan in 2010: “Committed to Perfection”.

In an increasingly competitive and often fierce market Italdenim has made top quality and constant improvement the cornerstones of its business philosophy. Therefore it complies with a series of rules and regulations, meeting customer needs while maintaining very high standards on a multiplicity of levels.

ITALDENIM has earned the following certifications:

  • SA8000
  • ICEA
  • ISO 14001:2004

    Today the two Italdenim plants cover a surface of 60.000 square meters, entirely dedicated to the production of denim. We put a strong emphasis to research and development.

    In fact, state- of-the-art technologies, often developed inside the company, share the spotlight with Picanol President looms manufactured in 1951 and entirely restored to their full glory.

    History and innovation are masterfully mixed to achieve perfection.

    This concept can be seen in our new showroom: the perfect place to tell the story of our company, where the best products in our 40 year history are displayed in a magical atmosphere. Our company is environmentally and eco friendly, that's why 5.000 square meters are totally devoted to purification.

    We produce our own energy through a state-of-the-art co-generator, for less polluting and a zero impact production of fabric.

    We are strong believers in the "zero km philosophy" and our customers are welcome anytime to visit our production process for a guided tour.